People + Places. Issue #1 is out now!

Where are we going?

We are so excited to share this with you! We travel a lot. We see a lot of places, and meet a ton of amazing people. We’d like you to meet them and see the places they live, work and play.

Zürich. London. New York. Portland, Oregon. San Francisco. Austin, Texas. Nantes, France. Abu Dhabi, UAE. And that's just the first issue. Get it today!

It's available to buy here on the site (just $12 now with free shipping), and you can #getBeen in New York City at Casa Magazines (8th Ave & W 12 St) and Iconic Magazines (188 Mulberry St) and in Portland at Rich's Cigar Store.

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Who are we talking to?

Artists + designers. Architects. Photographers. Creators. Makers. Doers. Wanderers. Dreamers.

People who dream big dreams and small dreams. People who love where they are, what they are doing or where they are going.

The first issue is out now. Features on Chris Stein (Blondie), Courtney Taylor-Taylor (The Dandy Warhols), Spoke-Art, Tim Doyle, an architect in Zürich, a watchmaker in London, an artist in Abu Dhabi and tons more!



We are connecting the dots of far flung creative people, and the places that they live and work, bringing them together in Been Magazine. Why? Because when people are doing what they love to do in places they love to do it, the results tend to be really, really cool. Issue #1 has been on the shelves now for just over a month, and we're very proud of all the positive feedback we've been getting. Find out for yourself!

The first issue of Been Magazine is out now. Order it below, or drop us a line to find out more about who we're talking to and where we're going in the first issue.

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