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Been Magazine is, in a word, inspiration. Founded in New York in 2019, it is inspired by and celebrates art, photography, travel, individuality and creativity. Stories of people doing what they love in the places that they live. Creative people + places. Artists + designers. Architects. Photographers. Makers. Doers. Wanderers. People who dream big dreams and small dreams. People who love where they are, what they are doing or where they are going.

Been is exclusively a limited run print magazine. To buy Been Magazine, click here. Subscribe or buy a copy today, independent magazines depend on every sale, and we're counting on you! Been has a small but dedicated following and I really appreciate every purchase. Please consider checking it out.

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Been Magazine is an independent window on the creative world out there, in other countries, in different neighborhoods, perhaps just down your street. It's about being there, and bringing you along for the ride.

Been Magazine was founded January 1st, 2019 in New York by Andy Davies, an art director and photographer with almost 35 years experience in the design industry and a passion for travel, hiking, wildlife, art, design and photography. Editor-in-Chief, Les Barany also represented dozens of renowned artists for over 30 years and previously published a number of magazines and books.

The magazine is self-funded, and printed in limited quantities. Since COVID, we haven't been able to get many copies out to stores, so current issues are available exclusively here at the site. We ship direct all over the world. Been Magazine lives on magazine sales, not clicks, so please buy a copy and help support independent magazines!

Been Magazine

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