Been Magazine is, in a word, inspiration. It is inspired by and celebrates art, photography, travel, individuality and creativity. Stories of people doing what they love in the places that they live. Creative people + places. Artists + designers. Architects. Photographers. Makers. Doers. Wanderers. People who dream big dreams and small dreams. People who love where they are, what they are doing or where they are going.

If there is a mission to Been Magazine it is to bring stories of creative culture from around the world to new audiences. It is to share stories that surprise, inform or entertain and to do so in a way that celebrates travel, creativity, culture and cool.

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Been Magazine is an independent window on the creative world out there, in other countries, in different neighborhoods, perhaps just down your street. It's about being there, and bringing you along for the ride.

Been Magazine was founded January 1st, 2019 by Andy Davies, an art director and photographer with almost 35 years experience in the design industry and a passion for travel, art, design and photography. Editor-in-Chief, Les Barany, has been agent and representative to dozens of renowned artists for over 35 years and has previously published a number of magazines and books.

Based in New York, the limited edition magazine is self-funded, and printed in small quantities for distribution via select retail outlets in New York, Portland, the Bay Area, London, Amsterdam and Zürich as well as online subscription here.

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Chris Stein (Blondie), Courtney Taylor-Taylor (The Dandy Warhols), Spoke-Art in San Francisco, Tim Doyle, illustrator in Austin, Texas, architect Stefan Camenzind in Zürich, the Camden Watch Company in London, artist Julia Ibbini in Abu Dhabi and more!

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From the introduction to issue #1:
"I started this magazine to tell you stories. Well, probably more accurately, show you stories. I travel a lot. I take a lot of pictures, I see a lot of places, and meet a ton of amazing people. I’d like you to meet them and see the places they live, work and play. This magazine is my way of making something out of what I love to do, connecting the dots of far flung people and places and bringing them together in one place." - Andy Davies

issue #2

David Cerny, an incredible sculptor in Prague, artists Vince Kamp (London), Nick Veasey (Kent) and Jim Riswold (Portland), Street Parade, the world's largest rave party in Zürich, Osswald Parfumerie in New York and Zürich, Photoville in Brooklyn, Sylvain Despretz, accomplished storyboard artist and illustrator in Paris, the Lower East Side music scene in New York and more!

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From the introduction to issue #2:
"Sit at a coffee shop in the heart of a city in a different country or time zone or even neighborhood, and look around you. Take it all in. Look further. Find something that is amazing and find out more. I have never been disappointed when I push to know more, to cross my own boundaries, ignore my own fears and do something new in a new place." - Andy Davies


issue #3

Issue 3 features international stories including filmmaker Till Nowak in Los Angeles; illustrator Viktor Koen in New York; Bull Run Craft Cannabis in Boring, Oregon; Marco Bakker, photographer in Edam, Netherlands; Freitag Lab ag in Zürich; the legendary comic megastore Forbidden Planet and publisher Titan Entertainment Group in London; Stone Sparrow Contemporary Art Gallery in New York and more.

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From the introduction to issue #3:
"Social media has reduced us to consumers of moments, and I believe that, while moments can certainly be magical, and worthy of a like, love or share, there’s more to know than the glimpses that we share. That’s why I made this magazine, to share everything in between." - Andy Davies


issue #4

Issue 4 coming in Spring 2021. To buy a print copy, click here.

From the introduction to issue #4:
"I am lucky enough to live in an amazing place, but the sum of my experience is a path, one path winding through a lot of places, and I want to connect them all here. That, really, is how this magazine came about. A moment in one place led to an idea in another place, which turned into Been Magazine. Issue 4 is that story." - Andy Davies


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